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Sent in house

95p per letter

Sent using PHD mail

42p per letter

What is Hybrid mail?

Hybrid Mail is a fast and cost-effective digital mail solution. It enables you to send important physical mail suchs as service updates, bills, invoices and appointments directly from your desktop or laptop computer to your customers home addresses.

With EPOD, the Hybrid Mail software from PHD Mail, you can send physical letters directly from your desktop. Users simply create the document, enter delivery details, and hit print. We do the rest 100% remotely: print, enclose, deliver.

You prepare

We produce

We post

One letter or 100, Hybrid Mail from PHD Mail is the simplest way to scale up your postal operations while maximising productivity.

Our hybrid mail solution is designed to save your business money

The best postage prices possible

We work very closely with UK’s two biggest postal authorities, Royal Mail and TNT UK, to ensure every possible discount is made available to you.

100% Secure & GDPR complaint

All documents sent via EPOD are processed in line with PHD Mail’s accreditations: ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO9001 PHD Mail is registered with the Data Protection Registrar.

Easy to use web portal

Our intuitive, user friendly portal can be used by almost anybody to send business critical post in minutes. With no IT resources or additional print drivers required.

Fantastic customer service

Our staff is dedicated to saving your company money. We provide the training your staff need in order to effectively use our web solution, saving your company.

PHD mail vs Docmail

Here is why you should consider using PHD mail over Docmail

PHD Mail Docmail
Easy installation
Easy installation
Easy installation
Easy installation
Easy installation
Easy installation

Save your business time, money and hassle

Are you sending all your post in-house? Many companies have a mail room, with leased equipment and a labour intensive process requiring multiple staff.

By outsourcing this work they could be saving thousands of pounds per annum.

Start saving money

Pay as you go pricing

Know what you are going to pay before you pay it with our transparent pricing. The more letters you send the more you will benefit from our scaling postage prices.

We are constantly on the look out to make cost savings for our partner companies and pass these savings on to you.

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You’re in good company

Our group buying power has saved our clients 100s of thousands of pounds. Will you join them?

50% saving

On average we have helped our clients save 50% on their mailing costs

67% quicker

Our clients send out mail 64% quicker using our EPOD mailing system

60% reduction

On average our clients have reduced their mailroom headcount by 60%

Case study

One large company was sending all its post from a centralised in-house mail room, which included leased equipment and a labour intensive process requiring multiple staff.

After our FREE mail audit we identified clear financial savings and process improvements. We helped move 92% of their mail to our EPOD web portal. The client now has 162 EPOD users.

The results

50% saving in letter sending costs
67% quicker to send mail through our EPOD system
60% reduction in mail operation staff

FREE mail audit

Talk to our friendly team of exports and arrange your FREE mail audit today. You could save your business hundreds of working hours every month.

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The best postage prices possible
100% Secure & GDPR compliant
Fantastic customer service
Easy to use web portal

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