Hybrid Mail from PHD. Send your business post remotely.

With ePOD from PHD Mail, you prepare your letters on your PC, we securely print and post remotely. You save money and time, from wherever you are located.

Save time
Save money
Access anywhere
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Sent in house

89p per letter

Sent using PHD mail

45p* per letter

What is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid Mail is a secure and cost-effective digital mail service. It enables you to send physical mail (e.g. invoice, statement, letter, advertising etc.) directly from your desktop or laptop computer. All you need is access to the internet, so the service can be used whilst working from home or from the office.

With ePOD, the Hybrid Mail system from PHD Mail, you do not need access to a printer, paper or envelopes, as we print and mail the documents on your behalf. Users simply prepare the documents locally as per normal, upload them directly to the ePOD portal, add letterheads or attachments, proof and submit. We do the rest.

You prepare

We produce

We post

1 document or 10,000 documents, ePOD from PHD Mail is the simplest way to send mail remotely directly from your laptop or PC.

Our hybrid mail solution is designed to save your business money

Volume based postal discounts

We send all customer volumes through a single mail account, so the best possible, volume related discounts are achieved. We then pass these discounts onto our customers.

Secure & GDPR compliant

PHD Mail have been operating for over 30 years. All documents sent via ePOD are processed in line with our accreditations: ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO9001. We are registered with the ICO.

Easy to use web portal

Our intuitive, user friendly portal can be used by anybody with access to the internet. No internal IT resources or additional print drivers are required.

Real customer service

Our ePOD team is here to help you use the system as efficiently as possible. We provide tailored training and support for all of our customers, at all times. You will not be on your own.

ePOD vs In-house

Why Hybrid Mail? Why ePOD?

ePOD In-house
Remote access
Postal discounts
Time efficient
User support & mail tracking
Easy installation

Save your business: time, money and hassle

During this time of change and increased home-working, do your colleagues still need to go into the office to send out post?

Even small volumes of post need to be produced in a secure environment, so trips into the office are often still required.

Not with ePOD.

ePOD allows you to send physical mail remotely through our dedicated print and mail operation.

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Pay as you go pricing

We pride ourselves on a transparent, easy to understand pricing model. Get the same discounted rate irrespective of the volume of post you send. Pricing is agreed before you go live, so costs can be predicted and budgeted.

We also provide detailed management information on a user-by-user basis, so you can track and trace expenditure across departments and home-based teams.

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You’re in good company

ePOD has saved our clients thousands of pounds, with some customers seeing savings of over 50%.

50% savings....

...across multiple sectors, from healthcare, housing and breweries, through to public sector, builders merchants and finance.

HUGE time savings

Once your letters are produced, they can be uploaded to the ePOD system within 5 clicks.

Create a more focussed workforce

ePOD gives your workforce time to focus on their jobs, rather than printing letters and stuffing envelopes.

Case study

A major, national residential management firm was sending all post from a centralised in-house mail room, which included leased franking, printing and enclosing equipment and a labour intensive process requiring multiple staff.

During our FREE Mail Audit we identified clear financial savings and process improvements. ePOD was implemented and over 92% of their mail now runs through the ePOD system, with 200+ users across the business.

The results

Over 50% saving in letter sending costs
67% quicker to send mail through ePOD
60% reduction in mail room staff and equipment

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Discounted, transparent pricing
Secure & GDPR compliant
Dedicated, on-going customer service
Easy to use web portal

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