Case Study


The method of communicating with your customers is evolving; traditional print and mail is increasingly being replaced by electronic delivery. The e-billing of documents negates the postage element of delivery which can be over 70% of the cost of the production and delivery of a bill or letter. In addition to cost saving, there are speed and traceability benefits as well.

PHD can provide e-billing in a number of ways, pushing via email, retrieving through a customised portal or full integration for retrieval through your own customer intranet. Our e-billing service can work side by side with the traditional print and mail to help facilitate the transition to electronic delivery.

In addition to e-billing PHD is able to offer archive retrieval services through a portal for all documents produced, which can be accessed for producing copy documents in printed form or emailing to a customer etc. This facility is used by a number of credit control departments and can also link documents such as printed invoices against scanned proof of deliveries in order to help reduce the effort of query management.