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Print & Enclose

Printing business critical documents such as invoices, statements and letters is a core element of PHD Mail. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve been doing successfully for over 20 years.

We take your mail & billing data and create specific and client unique documents in a professional, efficient and secure environment.

We will re-design your documents to make them work harder and better for you. We’ll also help you turn your bills and statements in to marketing tools by using designated “white space management” (blank areas on bills etc.) to carry customer specific messages which can change to suit your company needs.

We will ensure 100% accuracy and security of each and every mailing, utilising the latest OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) technologies and we will send you Management Information System reports to suit your requirements. We’ll also send you reports based on all aspects of the SLA, again meeting your needs.

Where we can, and where you want us to, we can group not only files of a similar kind, e.g. invoices, but we will also group different files for the same customer together. For example, we can group a statement and an invoice in to the same envelope where specific parameters are met, address, account number etc. This helps to reduce postage costs as a single envelope can be sent instead of 2, and it also reduces processing costs so you benefit twice.

You might require exception rules applying to some of your customer’s mail. Here for example, you might want all mail for certain branches being sent to the head office; or you might want some invoices printing but returning to you. Whatever exceptions you require, we’ll work with you to meet your requests.

Because this is what we do for a living, you’d expect to see some cost benefits. You’d be right! Our clients have enjoyed real savings of up to 30% on document processing alone; and there’s even more to be had! We will manage all stock and stationery purchasing on your behalf so you take full advantage of PHD Mail’s bulk purchasing power. We will supply all stationery, both cut sheet and continuous, all envelopes and any inserts, leaflets and booklets you may want to include.

And we haven’t even talked about postage yet! Using our Downstream Access partner, Whistl, we’ve reduced our clients annual postage bills by an average of 20%! Please click here to calculate your postage……..