Case Study


Another client driven service provided by PHD Mail is scanning. During a client review in 2007 a business critical need for documents to be scanned and linked was identified and, although back then it wasn’t a service PHD Mail provided, it was quickly acknowledged as a service we could and should provide. Scanning is now an integral part of our E-Solutions package offering clients an opportunity for documents such as Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders and Packing Notes etc. to be electronically linked to other documents such as Invoices or Statements.

We also provide a back office scanning service where previously archived paper documents can be taken in bulk, indexed, scanned and converted in to a PDF document for electronic archiving. Documents can be scanned up to A3 in size and can be simplex or duplex. Doing this provides much faster and easier access to archived documents and requires much less manual intervention and storage space.

So how does it work?

We can arrange for collection of documents or they can be couriered to us – we can arrange this too – at intervals to suit your requirements. All documents are then scanned following pre-determined criteria, for example:

  • batch header
  • invoice / account number etc

When all documents in a specific batch have been scanned, we upload the documents in a PDF format for you and / or your customers to view. Once the upload is complete, a reconciliation report including the following information will be forwarded to you:

  • Date
  • Customer
  • Unique box ID
  • Scanned batch number
  • Number of scanned images
  • Preparation & Scanning time
  • Team member´s initials

Linking the Scanned Images

Where PHD Mail has received data and created either a printed document or an E-document, for example an invoice or a statement, it’s simple to create a link from these to the scanned document. Usually the documents will be linked by an account number or customer number for example, or by customer or account name. We can match by parameters to suit your requirements.

When you retrieve a document or group of documents from the archive, you’ll see a link that shows further documents are available and these can be opened with the primary document(s). You can also allow your customer’s access to linked documents, the choice is yours.